ColorVu CCTV System

From £530 Installed!

Fully installed CCTV system, built to your requirements.

*0% Finance available with a 10% deposit!

*Price only available in South Yorkshire area, price includes installation into a domestic house or small business.

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Number of Cameras.
Please select the number of cameras you require.
Please select the resolution of your CCTV system.
Hard Drive.
Your CCTV system comes pre-installed with a 1TB HDD or a 2TB HDD if you purchase 5MP Resolution or higher. Please only select if you would like to upgrade from there.
A seperate monitor to view your system on.
Powerline Adapters.
Connect your DVR to your router via your mains sockets.

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Why call for a quote when you can quote yourself?!

Build your own CCTV system online, then give us a call on 0114 299 1411 or 07590 326 905 or send us a message to get your system installed.

All of the CCTV systems we install can be remotely viewed via a phone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

0% Finance Example:

3 Camera 5MP ColorVu CCTV System: £800

10% Deposit:                                              £80

Remaining Balance:                                  £720

12 Monthly Payments of:                          £60

So what’s what?


Hikvision’s ColorVu range, captures beautiful, full colour images, even in pitch black environments. with a built in light, the camera slightly illuminates the area that it’s pointing at, providing safety for you and also enabling it to never go black and white… so you can see the full picture, no matter the time of day.

Lets see a comparison:

Standard Hikvision Camera.

Hikvision ColorVu Camera.


2MP, 5MP or 4K?:

2MP CCTV Systems should be the absolute minimum resolution that you have installed. Which is why we don’t install anything lower. 2MP is full HD, which is 1080p and is a perfect resolution for when you want to cover a small area, such as a drive, garden, entrance, ect.

5MP CCTV goes a whole lot further. With a 5MP CCTV system, you’ll get a larger field of view and much more detail in the image. If you are wanting to cover a larger area, such as a small car park or large garden, or even capture small details from further away, such as licence plates, then a 5MP CCTV system should be right for you.

4K CCTV is the best resolution you can get in CCTV right now. With a 4K CCTV system, you’ll be able to cover large areas and still capture all of the small details.


Hard Drive:

All of our systems come installed with a 1TB surveillance hard drive, or a 2TB surveillance hard drive if you purchase 5MP or 4K. If you would like to upgrade the hard drive, so that your system records for much longer, we offer various hard drive sizes to fit your needs.



When we install your CCTV system, we do not include a monitor, this is because the system can be connected to any existing TV’s or monitors in the house. In most cases, the DVR does not need connecting to a screen at all, it can be hidden away in a safe place and then connected to via a phone, tablet or computer.


Powerline Adapters:

Powerline adapters are a smart and easy solution to having cables run around your house. In order for you to connect to your cameras on your phone, tablet or computer, the DVR needs to connect to your router. If you don’t want your DVR placed near the router, we can use powerline adapters to get the DVR connected to the internet without running cables throughout your house.


Did we miss something?

If you have any questions, you can give us a call on 0114 299 1411 or 07590 326 905, send us an email at or get in touch via the live chat on our website.