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The powerful new Hikvision ColorVu CCTV camera technology allows the cameras to produce colourful video. Even at night and in extremely dimly lit environments.

Check out this video to see how colour helps tell the true story.

ColorVu CCTV Advantages:

CCTV ColorVu

Always Colourful

The difference is literally day and night. With the powerful new ColorVu CCTV cameras from Hikvision, night becomes day. No matter the conditions, low-light or pitch black. The ColorVu CCTV camera will add colour to any environment.

CCTV Installed

Simple and Easy to Install

ColorVu CCTV cameras come as both analogue and IP options. The analogue option is plug and play, being compatible with most analogue systems. This makes it easy to freshen up any dated CCTV systems with a splash of colour.

CCTV Features

Feature Packed

ColorVu CCTV cameras come in all different shapes and sizes and they also come with different features per camera. You can have motion detection, alarm & siren integration or just a standard camera. You can combine and integrate any of these different options into your existing or new CCTV system for the best possible security system.

CCTV Light

Shine Bright

ColorVu CCTV cameras have a security light built into them for extra dark environments. This helps the camera provide it’s amazing colours and also provides a security light when needed to deter would be criminals.

CCTV Connect

Anywhere, Anytime

View and control your cameras at any time, from anywhere in the world. As long as you’ve got an internet connection on your phone, tablet or PC. You’ve got an instant connection to your CCTV back home.

So whats the difference?

When using a conventional CCTV camera with infrared lighting for night monitoring, people, vehicles, or other important objects can be blurry and blend into the background. This can make it extremely difficult to identify details.

Being able to see colour images in dark locations could be the difference between catching a criminal or catching a grey blur. Conventional cameras often lose important details with only black and white images. ColorVu Technology is the best solution to this common challenge faced by many security system users.  

ColorVu CCTV
ColorVu Night Performance Comparison

Application Scenarios

Many residential buildings, whether it be a house, apartment or flat, often have several low-light areas which can potentially be risky and attact unwanted visitors. Whether it be a garden, stairwell, walkway or anything else, Hikvision’s ColorVu cameras provide unmatched surveillance where incidents or accidents are more likely to occur otherwise and illuminates the area to reduce risk and improve safety. Being able to see so much detail in dark areas makes identifying suspect so much easier.

Business owners can now monitor entrances, exits and dimly lit interior and exterior areas where crimes are more likely to occur, such as dark hallways, walkways, waste areas and loading docks. With ColorVu, you can turn the lights off and still have full colour images and illuminated areas, helping to protect your employees, customers and assets, whilst also making them feeling safer.

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