Here at Intraplex we provide a whole range of security solutions for domestic and commercial customers.

Intraplex has you covered.

Whether it’s domestic or commercial, our highly experienced engineers are able to provide the skills needed to get you secured. Regardless of what your security needs may be.

About Us

Why choose Intraplex?

With over 20 years experience working in the industry, we know which products to use, and which ones to avoid. Which is why we only use the best equipment available, in each of the sectors that we provide our services. Our main goal is to keep all of our customers satisfied. So it doesn’t matter if you have an alarm system covering your office or a single camera installed at your house. Regardless we aim to provide the same great, unmatched customer service to every single one of our customers.

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Who we aim to reach with our services.

New Businesses:

We know that starting a new business can be scary. Which is why we aim to make it a little less scary by securing the things that matter. Once you’ve got your new office set up with all your shiny new equipment, you’re going to want to protect it. This is where we come in. We have a huge range of CCTV and Ajax wireless alarm products available, giving peace of mind. PIR motion detection to send alerts to your phone if you have any unwanted visitors, flashing lights and sirens to scare off would be criminals and full colour images. All of this, in pitch black environments so that you can see everything, even when the lights are off.

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Existing Businesses:

Many businesses in the UK have outdated systems in place. Be it be grainy old CCTV systems that can barely make out a human face or alarm systems that have been in the building longer than they have. Here at Intraplex, we have a solution to all of these problems. Updating your security system gives you great peace of mind, with crystal clear CCTV systems to keep an eye on those valuable assets & smart alarm systems so that you can make sure the alarm is set… even when you’re sat on a sunny beach in Spain.

CCTV Alarm Installed


Crime rates in the UK are soaring and we at Intraplex want to be part of the solution. Having CCTV installed at your home is a massive deterrent to criminals and with our huge range of CCTV products, you can have a motion detection, sirens, and a security light, built into just one camera. All of this is easily viewable wherever you are in the world, via a phone, tablet or PC. Our wireless alarm systems connect to your phone, giving you full access to your alarm, sending you notifications when the alarm is triggered or tampered with, and also allowing you to arm and disarm your alarm from anywhere in the world.

Domestic CCTV Alarm Installed

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